• We are authentic and honest in our approach

  • We are genuine in what we do and transparent in the way we do it

  • We take responsibility for our actions – both as individuals and as an organisation



  • We see things how they could be, not just what they appear to be

  • We apply our creativity to make situations better

  • We are courageous with our creativity

  • We respond to change with creativity and wisdom

  • We enjoy what we do and have fun doing it



  • We are an organic team, with different but complementary roles. When one succeeds, we all celebrate. When one learns, we all grow.

  • We operate in an inclusive way, working with our clients as if they are part of the team

  • We value the input of others



  • If there is a way to make it happen, we will. If there isn’t, we will explore all possible alternatives.

  • We commit to our clients, and expect the same in return

  • All clients are important to us



  • We appreciate that each client has their own worldview and experiences, as do we

  • We operate with respect as an action, not an ideal

  • We recognise each other differences

  • We strive to understand our client’s needs and expectations and go out  of our way to meet these

  • We show consideration for one another



  • We encourage the expression of fearless feminism

  • We dare to go down new roads and challenge accepted wisdom

  • We place clear demands on one another and promote positive change

  • We promote change and are eager for innovation in all aspects of our business

We have made a deliberate career change.

Somewhere for all of us to have safety, fun, empowerment and be ourselves openly.

It's our delight to share our work with you ! 

Frances & Merleen

©  2017 Burnt Honey Portraiture.

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